Cooking recipe — campers fresh and tasty venison goulash recipe

So I determined to come up with a more exciting camping dish than usual. If you seem like trying something various when outdoor camping and also you have a camp fire going below is a wonderful recipe for you. The day is waning as well as you have lit a camp fire. This meal is extremely healthy, loaded with vitamins, iron as well as minerals. The meat active ingredient for this recipe is Venison. One more outstanding advantage exists is lean or very little of it. INGREDIENTS – offers 4 11/2 pound (700 grams) of venison cut into cubes2 tablespoons of olive oil3 tool onions very finely sliced2 tablespoons of paprikasalt and pepper1 huge red pepper thinly sliced with pith as well as seeds removed2 cloves of garlic carefully chopped1/2 a bottle of red wine4 big carrots chopped1 pint of waterMETHODPut the olive oil in a huge frying pan and also warm it up. Include the onions and also garlic. Include the red wine and also simmer for 10 mins. Add the carrots and also a pint of water. Put the oven or pot onto the ashes of your camp fire as well as surround the pot with the ashes. Cook for approximately 1. 5 hours until the venison is tender. Use a fork to test the meat. This recipe is typically served with vast noodles however you may like mash potatoes or rice. It truly is a delicious, good, wholesome dish full of vitamins, iron and also minerals.